Natural vs Synthetic: our colours and fragrances

We love making craft skincare. For us it’s a passion, a love affair and a geeky fascination. We are proud of that. When we started this journey we set out to use only natural products and a huge part of that mission is making our products look beautiful and smell great without synthetic colourants and fragrances.

Search the internet and you will find thousands of synthetic colourants for making cosmetics. Some of these are just fantastic. Deep blues, sparkling silvers, vibrant greens, sunset yellows. All these colours and more are available in a convenient powder form and can make soaps and other products look truly stunning. The same can be said of fragrances. It’s easy to find a bottle of synthetic fragrance that smells like a fresh morning next to the beach or a warm oak tree in an autumn forest.

While these colours and fragrances are beautiful in many ways they just didn’t fit with our mission. If we wanted synthetic additives in our products we could go to the supermarket and save ourselves hundreds of hours of trial and error. Creating a beautiful blue using a mica requires one teaspoon of powder. Creating a beautiful green using natural ingredients is a huge learning curve littered with mistakes and failures. It’s easy to see why so many products use these synthetic colours and fragrances.

Our way is different. We use natural ingredients for our colours and fragrances. Love the beautiful hue of our Gac fruit and Lavender soap? That colour is naturally obtained by using pure cold pressed gac fruit oil and, an ingredient famous in Vietnamese cuisine for colouring sticky rice. How about our Wanderer soap? All those beautiful colours come from natural sources such as wheatgrass (green) cocoa powder (brown) and kaolin clay (creamy white).

The same mentality applies to our fragrances where we use only pure essential oils for our scents. Take our Rose Tobacco scent, as found in our Rose Tobacco lotion bar and The Gentleman beard oil. This scent was inspired by childhood memories and took untold hours to perfect. Through trial and error and with a heap of passion we blended something far more meaningful than a scent bought in a bottle and created in a lab.

Blending natural scents and colours isn’t easy; frankly it’s really hard. Finding the ingredients, infusing oils, running tests; failure and success are all part of the journey. But it is a fascinating journey full of knowledge and adventure. We like to think of our products as mini works of art. Each one is unique and behind the scenes so many things have to come together to create the final product. We are still learning and challenging ourselves to improve. We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we enjoyed creating them.

Blue Moon Handmade: Healthy skin, Happy planet.

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