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Natural Deodorant – Stay Fresh – Smell Great

Our hugely popular natural deodorant keeps you smelling great all day while being free from aluminum, parabens and other nasties. Consciously designed packaging is easily reusable, recyclable and plastic free!

Natural Insect Repellent

Tell those annoying critters to Bugger Off! Available as a spray, roller and refill. Free from toxic chemicals and single use plastics.


Explore the world of scent with our creative blends. Available as sprays, rollers and pure essential oils.

Sleep Tight Aromatherapy spray Blue Moon Saigon
Dreamer Aromatherapy oil blend Blue Moon Saigon

Featured Products

Shave Naturally

Ditch the chemicals and plastic waste for an all-natural shave. Solid, compact and long lasting.

Aloe Vera Shave Bar Blue Moon Natural Skincare

Night Night, Sleep Tight

Set the mood and get ready for bed with calming Lavender, Bergamot and Clary sage. Spray the worries away!


For Your Hair

Convenient, compact and travel friendly – solid conditioner and shampoo bars are ready to go wherever you do!

Cashew Milk Shampoo Bar - Blue Moon Natural Skincare

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